Today, I’m sad: When the soul has to heal

She’s after me. That annoying, darned fly.
One of the few remnants of a much too warm, but completely magical autumn. He penetrates my head over and over again, whirrs loudly into my ear and just won’t leave me alone in my mourning.
As if she wanted to scare me up, force me to get up again, convince me that life is beautiful and dazzling.
As if she wanted to hum loudly into my tired ear to finally believe in all my own words. To the fireworks in my head and heart that I wrote about just a few days ago on Instagram over there.
Which was present at that very moment and filled my heart with warmth and gratitude. Gratitude to have this wonderful family, these fantastic children. Gratitude to be alive!
And as if they wanted to do the same to her, now sunbeams tickle my nose as well. Outside the sky is bright blue and I just shouldn’t be lying here now. Should go out on this free morning available to me, on these three hours! To suck the fresh air into me and to move me. Inhale and exhale and do sports. All alone, only me outside at the lake.
The way I like to do it, I have the opportunity to do it.
But today I cannot. more “Today, I’m sad: When the soul has to heal”

Woman vs. man: Public holiday in powder kegs

He’s been bugging me all day! Since the husband has his official job about 200 km away, but we built our nest here in Steinau, he sits here at home today!
In “my” living room!  The man has a public holiday – and all other family members do not.
If you followed this blog closely, you will know that the husband and I sometimes have a weekend relationship. Sometimes more and sometimes less, as it is, when the mainly working part is on the road a lot in Germany. This is not always easy with three children (I already reported about it here), on the other hand I enjoy my freedoms and the morning rest!
Yes, from time to time I have to get used to the situation and adapt to the fact that someone is sitting around!)
And today I am loaded! I don’t know exactly why. But I have the presumption to be a walking powder keg on this outrageous holiday that divides the whole of Germany.
And what conversations between man and woman look like under just that circumstance, I just had to compile now! Only for you! Quite openly and honestly and shamefully nothing to it poems! I am really like that today!
Well, humour is probably when woman and man laugh anyway.
So here are my previous “best of” of today:
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